Thursday, July 09, 2009

The day of Change

İstanbul is the city of those who seek to realize their hopes and dreams. Hundreds of people migrate from the eastern parts of Turkey and settle in Eminönü, hoping to find job in İstanbul. Eminönü is an important locality that symbolizes İstanbul. The migrants who can find jobs in Eminönü, which is also a commercial center, lead their lives in the rooms where singles stay. These houses are called single rooms and consist of only one room. The small rooms of an apartment blocks are rented for monthly paid prices. At east 10 people are crammed into one room. These apartments lack kitchens or bathrooms; so meals are cooked and baths are taken in that single room. These migrants generally work as construction laborers, shoe painters, street peddlers, waste paper or scrap collectors. A migrant who earns TL 500 in a month, pays his rent for TL 100, and send the remaining money to his family that stayed back in his village. The lucky migrants who can find a good job bring their families to İstanbul.